We offer and guarantee the excellent quality of our services – thanks to the modern work organisation, strict compliance with existing standards and rules of international and Bulgarian sector organisations. Without prudery, we believe that the positive feedback and praise given by our clients are well deserved. Because Dialogue and quality are synonyms.


Registration or Certification under EN 15038 Standard?

Since the issue of the EN 15038 European quality standard for ‘Translation services – service requirements’, clients of translation services have become more demanding as regards proofs of the service compliance with the standard. A number of translation agencies chose to be registered under this standard, which represents a declaration of voluntary compliance with the requirements, but documentation or review of the procedures is not included. At DIALOGUE, we decided that we cannot mislead our clients and were certified by the Austrian Standards Institute and the Bulgarian Institute for Standardisation (BDS). The certification process started with staff training and documentation of all procedures under the standard, review by the certification body of the completed and ongoing alignment with the requirements, including work documentation. Routine checks of the fulfillment of the commitments under the certification are planned. After the successful completion of the whole procedure, DIALOGUE obtained Certificate No ON- S2008 020. As of January 1st, 2009, we are one of the four certified translation companies in Bulgaria.

Selection of translators and revisers

The selection of new translators and revisers guarantees the perfect quality of the translation services. It complies with the requirements of European standard EN 15038. Those meeting the standard certification requirements sit for tests, evaluated by a commission and only applicants who get an excellent mark have the chance to work with DIALOGUE. Hence we have recruited a number of highly-qualified translators and revisers, specializing in various areas. For each assignment, we select the most suitable ones out of the pool.

Quality control

Throughout the translation process, from its assignment to the delivery of the finalized translation to the client, the compliance with the European standard requirements is subject to the strictest control. The control concerns the quality of the target texts and reference documents – an important prerequisite for the perfect quality of the translation. The translation process itself is subject to routine control by the project manager, while the reviser evaluates the quality of the translator’s work. The final verification as regards the compliance with the client’s technical requirements, the layout, etc is carried out by the quality manager. Only then does the project manager give his/her permission for the delivery of the finalized translation to the client. The project manager is responsible for the client’s feedback, which also gives us crucial signs for the quality of the company’s work and for the particular translators and revisers. All quality-related findings and the conclusions thereof are duly documented.

Interpretation- Simultaneous and Consequitive interpretation

Selection of interpreters

As regards interpreting services, the selection of young interpreters runs parallel to their training in the real-life environment at conferences and seminars. We are proud to say that quite a few of the best young interpreters have started their career at DIALOGUE. The selection of the teams, respectively the individual interpreters, for a certain event takes into account interpreters’ specialisation as well as team compatibility.

Quality control

Interpreters’ work and equipment are supervised in general by a DIALOGUE expert, who monitors participants’ response at the event. When this is not possible for one reason or another, the senior interpreter in the team is in charge of the evaluation. One of the crucial components in the assessment of interpreters’ work is the opinion of the participants and organizers of the respective conference.

Conference organisation

Thanks to our professionals’ long experience, we are able to offer to our clients the best and cost-effective solution in the organisation of conferences, seminars, trainings, and other events requiring interpretation. Our service includes the selection of hotels and halls, as well as the provision of the required equipment, organisation of coffee breaks, cocktails, transfers, and of course simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. And all that – of perfect quality and at competitive rates offered by DIALOGUE!


DIALOGUE offers to its clients reliable information about a wide range of issues.


DIALOGUE takes care of the overall preparation of the publishing of a translated document, from preprint, artistic layout, technical revision and proofreading to printing and bookbinding in compliance with the client’s requirements. Therefore, you obtain guaranteed quality at reasonable rates.