How can I send documents for translation?

Of course, the best way is to email the documents for translation. If for one reason or another you cannot do so and the document is not too large, you can fax it.

What is the shortest deadline for obtaining the assigned translation?

DIALOGUE does its best to meet clients’ requirements. However, in order to guarantee excellent quality it cannot exceed certain number of pages (6-10) per working day.

To shorten deadlines, do you assign a document to two or more translators?

No. This will inevitably worsen its quality. That is why DIALOGUE does not have the practice to split a document between two or more translators.

What does ‘translation of a document’ include?

DIALOGUE strictly observes European standard EN 15038 in relation to the requirements for the provision of translation services. In short, this means that the document you have assigned to us will first go through a review for the purpose of selection of the translator and the reviser and identification of the possible reference documents; then it will be assigned to the translator and the reviser along with your requirements. The translated document is subject to revision and proofreading as well as final verification for observance of the client’s layout requirements.

In its presentation, DIALOGUE refers to offering excellent quality. How can you guarantee it?

We have mentioned above that as we hold an internationally valid certificate under European standard EN 15038, we are obliged to strictly observe all its requirements and we have described the stages in the translation process. We would like to add that every stage is supervised throughout its implementation. Moreover, revisers’ notes are used in the assessment of a translator’s work and his/her future cooperation with DIALOGUE. We attach considerable importance to the client’s feedback, which is within the responsibilities of the project manager and the quality manager. As regards interpretation, quality control includes on-site control, observation of the response of the participants in the respective event and again the client’s feedback.

Are you able to ensure the treatment of documents and information as confidential?

All translators and interpreters at DIALOGUE sign a non-disclosure agreement. Depending on the client’s requirements, original texts and translations are stored for a certain period of time and afterwards their digital copies are deleted and the paper-based ones are destroyed. We are happy to say that for its 20 years in business, DIALOGUE has not had any cases of information leakage.