It would be natural to ask yourself: What could the rates be for such excellent quality? We shall frankly tell you: Lower than our rivals’. Why? The answer is simple and rather logical. Because DIALOGUE’s organisation is in line with the trends of the modern world – outsourced jobs and non-core activities (for example, accounting). This results in minimum operating staff with performance-based pay, office space exactly corresponding to our needs and low overhead costs, performance-related remuneration, and after all a reasonable margin for additional costs.

Our pricing - the workload of the service defined


Translation workload is measured through the unit of a standard page of the target text – 1,800 characters with spaces, calculated via Word Count in Microsoft Word. Upon the client’s request we can adopt as a measurement unit the standard page of 1,500 without spaces, 1,000 words or a standard line of 60 or 55 characters. When possible and by mutual consent, the workload can be defined on the basis of the source text. Minimum workload: 1 standard page, respectively 260 words.


Interpretation workload is defined in terms of working hours/ interpreter as set in the preliminary schedule, and if the event is prolonged, overtime work is taken into account. When a team has been hired, the workload is measured is terms of hours/team. Only the lunch break is excluded from the working hours. The minimum interpretation workload is 2 hours for events in Sofia, and 6 hours outside Sofia.

Information services, conference organisation, publishing

The workload of the assignment is specified under a contract, respectively terms of reference, agreed upon between the parties. All agreements are to be drafted in writing.

Our rates

Thanks to its modern organisation, DIALOGUE is able to offer really competitive rates. Furthermore, we do our best to keep them stable. We resort to inevitable indexation only upon the accumulation of solid inflation pressure, and we inform our clients well in advance of the forthcoming change. Our pricing structure is equally stable – without any coefficients (these are applied only in the case of Eastern and – from a translation perspective – rare languages). To make things simple, rates are offered within the so-called narrow price range. As regards translation, it covers the difference in rates between standard and express deadlines for the assignment, and with regard to interpretation – between events on workdays, holidays, or public holidays. Discounts can be negotiated for large workload.

The pricing for information services, conference organisation and publishing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Service payment

The sums are paid to a bank account and we send an invoice.